22nd Jun 2021

Advance Health: Where to now? Healthcare data in the UAE and beyond

Advance Health recently convened a panel of experts to explore data privacy in an age of accelerated digital transformation.

One of the expert panels delivered exciting updates about the likely amendments of UAE Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Health Law.  They also discussed the importance and complexity of data management including ownership, accessibility, usage, localisation, privacy, and security.


  • Osama El-Hassan, Ph.D. – Health Informatics Specialist, Health Informatics & Smart Health Dept., Dubai Health Authority
  • Dr Mazin Gadir – Director of Partnerships, Client Relationships and Bid Management, IQVIA
  • Samir Hawa– Head of Healthcare, Middle East and North Africa, Amazon Web Services
  • Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director, Dubai Science Park